It was only recently that I learned hard work does not always result in success. I’m a strong believer in the power of working hard. If I can’t play a piece in band, I’ll muscle my way through it one measure at a time. If
If I were to give everyone one piece of advice, it would be to be grateful for the ability to grieve. Although I am not sure where from, I have always had an idealistic perspective on grief. I believe that the feeling of grief or
This story is perhaps my favorite to tell at family gatherings (besides the one about failing my learner’s permit test the first time) – so gear up folks, this is going to be a weird one. ‘Twas a normal Wednesday at The Potomac School, and
I’m definitely most grateful for my parents and how much they invest in me and my future. I probably wouldn’t be competing at a national level if it weren’t for the time they spent either taking me to the field to practice or even to
While I was in Tulsa, OK for the Miss Teen USA pageant I was actually prayed over randomly while eating my Thai food at a restaurant. While it confused me at first, I was so grateful that this person was willing to take time out
Simply put, I live and breathe music. A drummer virtually my whole life, and more recently an orchestral percussionist, playing and listening to music has always been my passion. Sitting down at a drum kit and controlling the direction of songs is a powerful experience
My passion for the world first developed while in quarantine, a time when my dreams of exploring and connecting with other cultures was entirely impossible. It all started during the Spring of freshman year when I applied to the Global Politics and Citizenship Program (GPAC)