One of my proudest achievements was when I became the student body president of our school’s Student Government Association. Previously, I had lost my tenth-grade treasurer election and my eleventh-grade vice presidential election. Having only been on SGA as a representative in my junior year, I was the underdog going into the election. But knowing this did not stop me from running for student body president, and I confidently gave the best speech possible. 

It had been my dream since I joined the Potomac School in sixth grade to be the student body president and be like the black female president at the time, Layla Alexander. She was an inspiration to me ever since her opening speech, and I wanted to be what Layla Alexander was to me, but to other students. I desired to inspire other young students to persevere and pursue their passions as well as make students feel welcome in the school. Being the last black female president in six years, I also wanted to encourage other black students and inspire them to also be leaders in their community. Recently, a first-grade teacher told me how relieved a nervous mother was when she heard her new first-grade child had gotten up and waved when I welcomed all the new students. It was at that moment I knew I was fulfilling my dreams as student body president.