The friends you associate with highly influence the quality of your life. Their presence gives your life value and helps you grow into a better version of yourself. The right friends constantly inspire you and teach you to care, love and respect. I am most appreciative of my friends that have supported me throughout my life and have stood by my side no matter how hard it was for them.

I have always been grateful for my friends and have appreciated them for being their authentic selves, however, one day an accident occurred that made me acknowledge the importance of their presence in my life more than ever. It was the last day of school and we all decided to go out and have some fun. As we were all heading towards our destination, suddenly, I felt extremely sick and could no longer breathe properly. At such a suffocating moment, my friends managed to take me to the closest hospital and did not leave my side until I was sent home. That day as I was going back home, I realized how precious these friends were to me, the amount of love and care I received from each one of them was unbelievable. I felt warm inside because their presence had given me the power to fight.

Very soon after that incident, we all left the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan and did not see each other ever again. It has been over a year now since we haven’t met in person but, today, I appreciate them more than ever because despite the long distance we have managed to keep our bond stronger than ever. These wonderful friends are now part of me and forever will be but this will not change the fact that I will make new friends and will always be open to new experiences. There is a Persian adage that says: “یار زنده و صحبت باقی” which means there is no death in friendship, it will always be with you wherever you go.