Ben Schirmeier


Simply put, I live and breathe music. A drummer virtually my whole life, and more recently an orchestral percussionist, playing and listening to music has always been my passion. Sitting down at a drum kit and controlling the direction of songs is a powerful experience that honestly never gets old for me; drumming grounds me more than anything else, and even though it doesn’t seem like it from a distance, playing is almost meditative. As a high school student, I naturally carry around a great deal of stress, and to be able to feel relaxed, in control and present at the same time is rare for me. Drumming has always come naturally, and been a safe haven, a medium for self-expression, and something that de-stresses me during moments of chaos and uncertainty. More importantly, I feel as though I’m able to connect what I’ve learned from playing music to my daily life. One memorable insight that my first teacher gave to me when I was starting out was, “music is a conversation.” Through playing in a multitude of ensembles, my communication and listening skills have vastly improved, and I have tried to incorporate rhythm into my daily life. If I’m not drumming, I’m most likely listening to music. Hip-hop, alt rock, jazz, ambient, shoegaze, classical, and trap to name a few genres, I will not go a day without listening. I am forever grateful for my circumstances, which have allowed me to succeed in what I love; on the surface, music is my passion, but on a deeper level, it is my escape.